5 Awesome Attractions in Auckland

No, Auckland isn’t that place in California close to San Francisco, but the biggest city in New Zealand and one of the most cosmopolitan places in the southern hemisphere. It might seem like Auckland is really too far to try to get to but a trip to the land of sheep and Lord of the Rings is truly worth the day-long flight time. Plan your Auckland visit ahead of time and make sure to scout around on the Internet for the best places to eat and the most interesting sights to see. Fortunately we compiled this handy list of the top five places to visit during your time in Auckland.


1.Rangitoto Island

Rangitoto lsand

Just outside Auckland harbor is the lava island of Rangitoto, a majestic natural reserve featuring strange flora and fauna, jagged volcanic rocks and, if you brave the climb to the top of the volcanic cone, a wonderful view of Auckland. The local flora is very sparse and there is a thin, treacherous causeway to the nearby Motutapu Island.

2.Butterfly Creek

Butterfly Creek

This placidly named attraction is actually a scary Crocodile preserve where you can have face to gaping serrated tooth filled maw encounters with some of the most ancient and successful reptiles on the planet. Salt water crocodiles have been virtually unchanged since the time of the dinosaurs and are excellent predators. You can see crocs of all shapes and sizes at Butterfly Creek, from little babies that you can pet to giant maneaters.


Antarctic Encounter Underwater World

Auckland’s aquarium goes by this exciting name, one that it truly deserves as you can see all manner of Antarctic critters here, from King and Gentoo penguins to giant manta rays and sharks. If you’re a fan of the life aquatic you shouldn’t miss this sight!


4. Waitakere Ranges


Remember that if you’re looking for places to visit Auckland whouldn’t be your first and only stop! A scenic drive through the picturesque marvels of New Zealand, from its beaches to roaring waterfalls and rainforests the likes of which you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere. What could be better? Be sure to reserve a full day to make the most of this beautiful road trip but don’t worry, the Ranges are just outside Auckland, serving as the backdrop to this beautiful city.

5.Auckland Sky tower

Auckland Sky tower

The tallest building in Auckland and New Zealand at 328 meters high, the Skytower is a marvel of engineering, Auckland’s main tourist attraction and the best viewpoint that you could ever hope for. The ride up in a glass elevator is exhilarating and there

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