A summary of travel in the Croatia in 2012

My visit to Croatia became the most exciting of my all Europe trips. The distinctive quality of this country is a mixture of its glamour with old traditional values. The country has been bestowed with the natural beauty; its splendid beaches compete with the sunshine to get attention. The country has preserved the ancient architecture with a modern touch.So book cheap flights in advance to enjoy smashing summer holidays.
A relaxation and peace of mind for which a tourist steps out of his home is lost when he finds his target destination to be fully saturated with the visitors. There are a few countries in Europe that have preserved tranquillity and calmness along with the natural gorgeousness. If your focus is affordable places only then you can find many in Europe. However most of such places are deprived of serenity. Therefore tourists to such places successfully manage their budget but they come back from their holidays with a strain and thus lose the opportunity to enjoy their holidays.

Croatian night sky glowing in spectacular lightning storm

Croatia has many spots to offer where a tourist can enjoy solitude and tranquillity without the meddling of tourist flocks. In addition, the thing that made this country a best choice for tourists is its generous offer of luxury as well as budget accommodations for tourists. If a tourist’s wallet cannot afford much he can move to its continental areas where prices are quite lower as compared to the Adriatic areas where price tags are quite hefty. Interesting thing is that the landscapes are as diverse as the price tags in both areas. I preferred to live in the continental area where I managed very well in the limited budget. However, the charming ambience of area made me fresh and recharged me very well. Throughout my travelling, I always focus on two things while selecting a destination; one is to meet my budget and second is to get a tranquil environment. Croatia pleasingly provided me with both of these attributes. I was scarring to entangle with the signs of brutality that a civil war brought to Croatia in 1990s. However, after reaching there, I could not find such sign rather I came across people with the smiling faces everywhere that seemed very content with their simple life style. These local people were very happy to follow their traditions and ready to welcome foreigners on their land.

Croatian Food

The food in Croatia is also of prime quality. The celeb chefs in the restaurants prepare this food using the ingredients from local land and sea. Such a tasty food with low priced bills makes the whole trip more interesting and charming.

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