Beautiful Attractions of Lanzarote

The island of Lanzarote is a small volcanic land mass that makes up part of the Canary archipelago, situated roughly 125 kilometres from the west coast of Africa. Due to its location, the island experiences a warm and welcoming climate all year round and is a popular tourist destination with thousands visiting every year. There is a saying that should there ever be more than the accepted Seven Wonders of the World then at least five of Lanzarote’s attractions would be on the list. Here are some of the most beautiful attractions on the island.
Atlantida Tunnel

Atlantida Tunnel

Atlantida Tunnel

Lanzarote is approximately 20 million years old and was formed due to volcanic activity in the region. It is no surprise then, that on the island you can find the longest volcanic tunnel in the world, the Atlantida Tunnel, which is a natural phenomenon over 4 miles in length.
Inside the tunnel, scientific research has found over 40 different animal species that are native to these unique habitats and the scenery is simply breath taking.
As you might expect from a volcanic island, there are plenty of caves you can explore that have some striking landscapes. The La Corona Volcano explosion led to the formation of two beautiful caves in the form of La Cueva de los Verdes and Jameos del Agua, and they quickly became stop offs for every tourist visiting the island.
Inside the caves, visitors are treated to some surreal colours and incredibly clean waters and make for exciting places to explore.
Many beaches on volcanic islands have fine black sands but on Lanzarote there are a few spots where the sands are soft and golden. Playas de Papagayos is one of the most spectacular beaches in the world with beautiful crystal clear turquoise water which is extremely clear while the sands are soft making it a perfect spot to chill out and relax for the day.
Accommodation Architecture

Accommodation Architecture

Accommodation Architecture

Many of the resorts in Lanzarote, and in particular Playa Blanca, look like beautiful palaces while some of the villas offer elegance, style and class in abundance. The Princess Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort in particular has an unforgettable style with a 40 metre tall volcano forming part of the entrance to the resort.

The facilities of the villas make them a dream for holiday goers and taking a stroll along the sea shore at night will reveal just how splendid a sight the villas are.


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