Cheap But Spectacular: 3 Hotels in Antalya

One of the most attractive things about Turkey is its approach to tourism. While some cities and areas like Istanbul or Cappadocia offer the type of high-class high-cost Champagne-and-Caviar accommodations jet-setters crave and all of Turkey offers the dirt-cheap simple and clean housing sought by backpackers, its main touristic areas offer the former at prices close to the latter. Yes, the coast of Antalya is full of giant themed resort-hotels offering luxury accommodations at bargain prices. Better yet, almost all hotels in Antalya are all-inclusive which means that they are all-you-can-eat (and for some all-you-can-drink too!) all day, everyday. Here are three Spectacular but cheap hotels in Antalya.

1. Delphin Palace Hotel

Delphin Palace Hotel

The Delphin is one of the best hotels in turkey at the moment and offers the full spectrum of all that you would expect to see in an all-inclusive hotel. Not only does it boast a pool area with play areas everywhere, a beach and pier, a la carte restaurants and a huge all-day buffet restaurant but it also has its own private game rooms, top of the line spas and even its own cinema. The Delphin is at the very top of all-inclusive luxury hotels in Antalya, you could hardly do any better.

So there you have it, some of the best places to stay in Antalya. Remember that you can visit Turkey almost all year round and that the beach season extends all the way into November.


2. Royal Wings Hotel

Royal Wings Hotel Turkey

One of the most kid-friendly locations in the Lara beach area the Royal Wings hotel boasts a wealth of different amenities for children. Apart from the myriad pools of all shapes, sizes and depths and their accompanying waterslides and water-related facilities the hotel also has a small fairground with a Ferris wheel and all sorts of small rides for children. There is, of course, a private beach with free sunbeds and the sea is fantastic. There is buffet food available throughout the day, changing with every meal and there a re several a la carte restaurants as well if you want to try different foods.

3. Baia Lara Hotel

Baia Lara Hotel Turkey

The Baia Lara is a popular destination that has won several awards for the luxury category of hotels, yet in off-season you can book a week’s stay for two for less than you would pay for a three day stay at a four star hotel in Istanbul. It has one of the biggest pool areas you can imagine so there’s always room by the water’s edge and there are refreshments and snacks served in the pool areas all day. The buffet is world class and the staff is amongst the friendliest you’ll ever

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