Discovering the Hidden Beauty of Finland in Summer Holidays

Finland is a fantastic holiday destination that offers visitors a memorable experience during summer. From rolling sand dunes of the Aland Islands, an amazingly long coastline full of activities, breathtaking sceneries, exotic wildlife, vibrant cities, quiet villages, numerous lakes and waterfronts, long hours of sunshine shimmering over harbours to the never ending fells of Lapland, Finland is refreshingly different during summer with unique opportunities for nature and wildlife enthusiasts.

Whether travelling to Finland with friends, family, a partner, on your own via land or cheap flights to Finland, exciting times await you here. With so many things to do in Finland and some of the best hotels in Finland offering a wide range of cuisines, I promise you a new meaning to holiday.

Read to the end to find out some of my carefully selected hidden beauty destinations and activities available in Finland. Are you ready for a ride? Let’s do this.

The Countryside

The Countryside


The countryside of Finland is an exciting adventure playground with so much to offer during summer. The long hours of the midnight sun gives visitors more time to explore and enjoy the country’s amazing nature. Take a hike through the eastern part of Finland’s taiga forests of Kuhmo and catch a glimpse of the elusive animals like the brown bears, wolf, deers, lynx and wolverine.

Do you enjoy hiking or biking? Well, the forest trails will give you an adrenaline thrill through the wilderness. You can later escape to a nearby countryside villa for a refreshing time in the serene surroundings.

The Spectacular Coastline

Finland’s coastline

Whether an expert or a novice in water, Finland’s coastline is full of exciting activities for all to enjoy. From the coastal and inland cruising, walking, canoeing, sailing, shooting the rapids to fishing, the choice is yours. Finland’s southwest coastline is also a habitat to the rare archipelagos, one of the main tourist attractions.

Flora and Sauna

Flora and Sauna

Flora and Sauna

With its expansive lakes and rivers that are naturally interlocked, flora and sauna is at its best. The pure, fresh, serene and beautiful flora and sauna are simply irresistible. You can choose to relax by the water for a quiet day while sipping away on a cold beer, doze off on your deck by the water’s edge or sail around with a rowing boat and fishing bait and rod. You can later grill your fish for supper.

During summer in Finland, the sun only sinks low but rarely sets. This gives tourists a perfect opportunity to enjoy the glorious site of the sun fading away in a warm and peaceful environment.

The city of Helsinki

The city of Helsinki

The city of Helsinki

Finland’s summer is beautiful and invites everybody to outdoor adventure. Helsinki city is where modern meets peculiar charm. Echoing the Finnish concept of ‘Everyman’s Rights’, this city is safe and full of activities here and there, including the song and dance festivals which are usually staged during summer.

While still in the city, you can wander around market stalls, hit a ball on one of Finland’s golf courses, have dinner or a drink at a bar and crown your day with some soothing music at a late evening jazz concert.

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