Most Amazing places to visit in Istanbul turkey

Most Amazing places to visit in Istanbul turkey
Ranked as the world’s most popular travel destination by TripAdvisor in 2014, Istanbul, Turkey is without doubt fascinating and a must visit destination for any traveller looking for an exotic atmosphere for a really enchanted vacation.
From stunning beaches ( for a cruise ride in Istanbul), impressive architecture, amazing contemporary art, beautiful and serene countryside, rich historic sites, hip boutiques and shopping malls, electrifying nightlife to luxury resorts along the beach on Aegean Sea, I assure you, exciting times await you in Istanbul Turkey.
Looking for a top spot to visit this summer? Go no further than Istanbul, Turkey. The city has some of the world’s most appealing sites to behold. There are many things to see in Istanbul and the city’s diverse attractions will leave you lost for choice. Based on the most visited sites each year, here is a roundup of the 7 best sites to visit in Istanbul, Turkey.
1:Galata bridge


Galata Tower

Despite not being a beauty in itself, The Galata Bridge simply offers an unforgettable experience particularly at sunset. The spectacular views of the ferries moving across Bosphorus, mosques build on the hills; all bathed in the glorious golden sun are sights to behold. As if that’s not all, at night the lights of the ferries on-the-go and the mosques are magically illuminated making the atmosphere heavenly.
2:Bosphorus bridge


Bosphorus bridge

Interestingly, Istanbul, Turkey boasts as the only city which links two continents; Europe and Asia with a bridge. Bosphorus bridge is considered to have “legs” on “Beylerbeyi” on the Asian part and “Ortakoy” on the European part. Add it to your list of things to see in Istanbul.
3:New mosque


Me & New Mosque Night Background

New mosque as an attraction site in Istanbul Turkey is outstanding. With a large courtyard that once housed a hospital, school and public bath, the mosque has its interior uniquely designed with gold, iznik and marble tiles that date back to many centuries.
When viewed from the harbour, the mosque’s sight is electrifying with its amazing monuments.
Opened from dawn to dusk and with entry restricted during prayer time, it’s definitely a must visit sight.
4:Blue mosque


Beautiful blue Mosque Night View

Blue Mosque is simply unique and one of the few mosques worldwide that boast six minarets. The 17th century mosque faces Aya Sofya and mirrors its silhouette. So, is the mosque really blue? Well, not exactly but the walls are made of smooth iznik tiles. Entry by visitors is restricted during prayer time.
5:Grand bazaar


Grand Bazar inside View

Built in 1461, Grand bazaar is often considered as a city within a city. As one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world, Grand bazaar lives up to its name with its huge labyrinth that has 4000 shops. Wandering through the thousands of stalls, over 60 maze-like streets and squares is a real experience. The stalls sell almost everything making Grand bazaar ideal for those who love shopping.

6:Taksim Square


Me @ Taksim Square

Often referred to as the “Heart” of the city, Taksim Square is famous for its vibrant nightlife, chic restaurants, cafes, hotels and shops. The site houses the Monument of the Republic and is a major tourist attraction. As a leisure district, Taksim Square is deemed the hub of modern Istanbul with some of the cheap hotels in Istanbul.
So are you looking for a travel destination for a memorable time? Istanbul Turkey is the place to go. There are amazing things to see in Istanbul. Did you know you can also cruise ride in Istanbul? And yes, you can also stop by any cheap hotel in Istanbul for a Turkish hamam (bath) including a revitalizing massage and soak to sooth your body.

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