Thailand’s North Ready for Exploring

If you have dreams of finding areas of Thailand that are untouched by the throngs of tourists that visit the country every year, you will be best off heading north. In the north, you will find a combination of mountainous landscapes and cultural treasures, although many people will head for Chang Mai and its surrounding areas such as Chang Rai.Chiang Mai is a popular city in Thailand, known for its rich culture and delicious foods. Although not as popular as Phuket or Bangkok, Chiang Mai still receives thousands of tourists every year. If you plan on visiting Thailand you should consider checking out this fun and exciting city. You can book your Chiang Mai hotel early and save on last minutes price increases. Whether you visit this city or any other Thai city you are guaranteed an exotic getaway.Here is a guide to some of the sites that for many people, will never have visited, let alone heard of.




The northern city of Phayao Where-to-Go not very well known to many Thai people, so as you would expect, tourists are oblivious to its existence. However, a trip here is very rewarding as the city is wonderfully charming with its tree lined streets, antique wooden houses and a beautiful lakeside setting.

One of the highlights of the area around the city is the Kwan Phayao, the largest swamp in the north of the country. Surrounded by low lying mountains, the swamp is actually more picturesque than its name suggests and is brilliant for a great sun set picture. There is even a restaurant that you can eat at while enjoying your sun set.

Ban Bo Luang

Located in the province of Nan, which is becoming increasingly popular for its rural setting and historical temples, Ban Bo Luang has remained off the radar to tourists since they started exploring Thailand. The picturesque village is approximately 100 kilometres north of the provincial capital and is well worth the trip.

The village is situated in between two national parks and the Lao border and should you have your own transport, is a great base for exploring the nearby natural attractions. Khun Nan National Park has some easy treks to the peak of its highest mountain that offers you some spectacular views of neighbouring Laos.


Many tourists will travel to see ruins of Sukothai, not realising they can avoid the throngs of sight seers by heading for the lesser known and visited ruins of KamphaengPhet. A UNESCO World Heritage Site in its own right, the park is home to remains of structures that date back to the 14th century. The ruins are quite accessible for you to explore on your own, although many of the ruins lie a few kilometres outside of the city so you will need to organise your own transport.


If you were hesitant about travelling to Thailand because of the most popular attractions now being full of tourists, this guide should have highlighted that there is plenty of the country to see that has not been overrun.

Phitsanulok Province

Phitsanulok Province

Phitsanulok Province

This province was the headquarters of the Communist Party of Thailand and its military arm between 1967 and 1982. The attempted revolution has long since disbanded but the remains are still there for you to visit.

The area is now a national park that spans 307 square kilometres of various types of terrains. The highlights of a visit here include the remaining infrastructure of the revolutions base, numerous waterfalls, superb hiking trails and plenty of spectacular rock formations for you to admire.

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