The 5 Most Beautiful Luxury Hotels in Istanbul

Situated on the banks of the Bosphorus strait, Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world, a capital with more than two and a half millennia of history behind it and hundreds of fascinating sights to offer. Istanbul is also the gateway to the Middle East, a city at the crossroads of the East and West, with a rich Islamic culture and Western values, with millennial monuments like the Hagia Sophia and modernist masterpieces inspired by le Corbusier.

There are daily cheap flights to Istanbul from all over Europe and the Middle East and you can get a tourist visa directly at the Ataturk Airport, which is located 24 km from the city center. There is light rail service to the center of Istanbul as well as shuttles and municipal buses going towards the center of town. Cheap hotels in Istanbul are everywhere from the airport, throughout the city all the way to the center. While these inexpensive options are generally quite good, safe and clean Istanbul has a wealth of affordable luxury hotels peppered along the edge of the Bosphorus and clustered around Taksim square. Here are some of the most beautiful hotels in Istanbul, monuments of luxury with some of the best price to quality ratios in the world.

1. Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul

Istanbul Ciragan Palace

Beautiful, lavishly decorated, like a Sultan’s abode the Ciragan Palace sits on the waterfront with stunning views over the Bosphorus. The building was an actual palace and even today the service is like something out of the Arabian Nights, as are the facilities. The Ciragan is a work of art and one ofhte most beautiful places you’ll ever stay in.

Istanbul is a great city and is worth every second of your life that you dedicate to seeing it. So book a flight today to this 2700-year-old city and bask in the culture of the Orient.

2. The Marmara Taksim


Located in the heart of the New City, at the end of Istiklal Street, with views over Taksim Square and the sea as well, the Marmara, like all Taksim hotels in Istanbul is a lively place with great service, good security and modern rooms. The upper floors of this monolithic masterpiece offer breathtaking views and peace and quiet that the lower floors don’t enjoy.

3. Pera Palace

Pera Palace

This historic hotel boasts a beautiful turn of the last century building with modern facilities but an old-timey air. And no wonder as this little hotel was a favorite spot for some of the most famous people to visit Istanbul including Agata Christie, Winston Churchill, Jackie Kennedy and the founder of modern Turkey, Ataturk.

4. Sumahan Hotel

Sumahan Hotel

Right on the edge of the water, with wonderful views over the strait, towards the new bridge linking the European and Asian sides of Istanbul the Sumahan is a perfect place for a retreat from the noise and frantic pace of the city. And yet this little waterside refuge is no more than half a kilometer from Taksim square.

5. Amira Hotel

Amira Hotel

Located close to the water’s edge with stunning views over the Sea of Marmara from its rooftop terrace this jewel of a boutique hotel is classy without trying to be faux-opulent. A favorite with many short-term visitors, the Amira offers a broad range of prices for constant quality and different degrees of luxury.

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