The Most Amazing Luxury Restaurants in Dubai

For the last decade Dubai has been synonymous with the word Luxury. Where else in the world could you find one of the most expensive artificial islands in the world, marketed to sheiks and Hollywood superstars, the most luxurious hotel in the world, an eco-friendly supertower, an in-door ski slope, golf courses in the middle of the desert and many other masterpieces of engineering gathered together in a single city.  Lately the small emirate’s oil revenue has been increasingly invested more into science and technology and educational facilities than giant luxury testaments to Dubai’s financial power. While cheap hotels in Dubai might seem oxymoronic you can find lodging that is the right price for your budget if you search on-line. And there is no shortage of cheap flights to Dubai coming over from Europe and the region, with the small emirate becoming a tourist destination as well as a shopping and business one.


With all the money and business taking place there it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the top restaurants in Dubai are absolutely world class. After all, the man that can afford to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to build the Burj Al-Arab won’t skimp when it comes to hiring the chef for its restaurant.

The Burj Al Arab is the world’s only seven star hotel, with rooms costing up to the price of a nice car per night. Its restaurant is equally jaw dropping. Your ride up in a glass elevator overlooking the white sand and the blue bay is a moment that you will hardly forget, no matter how many of the fantastic cocktails served at the top of the mast sky bar you intend on having. The food served at dinner is nothing short of exquisite, comparable to any three star Michelin restaurant in the great capitals of the world. When you leave you might have to remortgage your home but you’ll do it with a smile on your face.

Burj-al-Arab Dubai hotel

Speaking of remortgaging your home, make sure you save some of that money for the equally impressive Atmosphere at Burj Khalifa. While it doesn’t boast as nice a view as the Al Arab’s restaurant it does carry the Guinness World Record for highest restaurant and, oh yes, the highest building as well! The menu at Atmosphere is prepared out of ingredients from all over the world, from Australian Wagyu to Maine Lobster. Prices are just as high, jumping the 120 dollar mark per item ordered. Bon appetite!

Burj-Khalifa Dubai

Before you leave Dubai you should give Reflets by Pierre Gagnaire a try. Located inside the Intercontinental hotel it is an exercise in extravagant French cuisine served by a multilingual staff in a reverie décor. The food is fantastic, as is to be expected in a Michelin star restaurant and you will feel as if you are sampling the culinary equivalent of a Picasso or Rodin. When you leave you might find that you might as well have bought a Picasso.

Reflets by Pierre Gagnaire

But regardless of whether you can afford such extravagant eating you should visit Dubai. Even if you can’t live the life of a sheik, you can bask in the glow of opulence (and take advantage of the tax free shopping) going back home a better person.

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