Three Cheap Weekend Break Ideas in Paris

Weekend getaways are underrated – people think that you need at least 10 days to relax and sightsee in a city as great as Paris. But that is not entirely true, while it may take you more than 10 days to get all the main attractions checked off your list, you can do so much in two days if you’re not afraid of a little tour de force. There are plenty of cheap flights to Paris, many low-cost airline companies have Paris on their destination list, as it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.
The best thing about weekend getaways is that they will not set you back financially – all you need to do is put a little effort in planning the micro vacation. The first step is finding cheap hotels in Paris, and that is not as hard as you may think. Simply go online and visit a good hotel review site and see what people have to say about the subject. We promise it will only take about half an hour to come up with a great location. Once you’re there you can start enjoying yourself and your weekend. Here are three ideas on how you can enjoy Paris Tours on a budget.
• A Picnic Under the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower Paris

For a two day trip the sightseeing needs to be kept to a minimum, you wouldn’t want to get frustrated about not being able to see everything on your list. Remember, it’s only two days and you want to relax and enjoy yourself, not come home even more tired and frustrated than you left. Sure, you can visit the Eiffel Tower, but the entrance fee is 12 Euros – we suggest you do what most Parisians do and have a small picnic on the lawns around the tower. This way you’ll be able to relax and feel like you’re a part of the local scene.
• Rent a Bike

Rent a Bike

The city of Paris loves its visitors, so it created a system of bike rentals – you can rent a bike for only one Euro per day! Our suggestion is to have one day of relaxation and one of intense sightseeing. You wouldn’t want to ride your bike for two days, you’ll be very tired if you do so.
• Great Food can Be Cheap

Amazing Food at Cheap Price in Paris

The budget hotels in Paris with their restaurants offer amazing gourmet food, but you don’t have to stay there to eat well. Our advice when it comes to finding a cheap place to eat great food is to stay away from touristy locations and streets. Find a small place, hidden from the crowds and we bet it’ll have awesome food.

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