Top 3 Most Luxurious Hotels in Hong Kong

Money can buy almost anything and a luxury vacation in the amazing city of Hong Kong will offer a person nearly everything they want and need. If you can afford staying in 5 stars hotels in Hong Kong, then why not have your choice from the best hotels the city can offer? We’ve asked around and came up with the three most luxurious hotels in Hong Kong. Read on and let the opulence dazzle you!
1. Island Shangri-La

Island-Shangri-La Hong-Kong

The Island Shangri-La is the most luxurious hotel in Hong Kong, that’s a fact! We could go on and on about how amazing it is, but we’re only going to say this: it has the largest Chinese silk painting in the world. Oh, and there are silk pillows in every room… and crystal chandeliers… and TVs in every bathroom… and a great view… and the rooms start at $500, you get the idea.
2. The Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton Hong-Kong

This one has it all: it is located in the Hong Kong neighborhood called Central and it is inside the city’s tallest building. It has an indoor pool, a gym, a great spa and decadent beds with luxurious linens. Central is a financial area of the city, full of restaurant and cafes, so you all you need to do to be in the middle of the action, is to take the elevator and descend 100 levels and you’re there! Let’s hope that you aren’t afraid of heights.
3. The Landmark Mandarin Oriental

The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Compared to the Shangri-La, which has 565 rooms, the Landmark Mandarin Oriental is tiny – it only has 113 rooms, but it is its size and class that make it intimately luxurious. The architecture is exceptional and the interiors are modern, yet with a hint of classic. If you’re curious about it, do a little search for it online and see what the fuss is all about.
If reading this made you daydream about staying in one of these luxurious hotels, it’s alright, we did a little bit of that too before writing this article. If you would like to visit Hong Kong but you can’t possibly afford staying in any of the hotels mentioned above, rest assured, there are plenty cheap hotels in Hong Kong that aren’t half bad. Remember that you’re there to visit the city and sightsee, not to stay all day long in your hotel room, so go ahead, look up some budget hotels in Hong Kong and book a flight!

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