Top 5 Family Tourist Attractions in Cape Town

If you’re planning a long haul family vacation with the wee ones you could hardly do better than South Africa, especially if you want to get a chance to experience some of the natural beauty and spectacular wildlife that the continent has to offer. And if you’re going as far as South Africa you should pick a good place with plenty of activities for the whole family around, and your best bet is Cape Town.

South Africa might not be the most family friendly destination in terms of distance but you could always offset the travel costs by booking a stay at one of the many cheap hotels in Cape Town. There are plenty of them and the conditions they offer are very good when compared to the price. Of course if you’d rather spend your time by the pool sampling a fine South African wine there are plenty of top Cape Town resorts to choose from. But regardless of your budget and expectations you didn’t travel this far just to lounge by the pool so here are the top 5 attractions in Cape Town that are fun for the whole family.

1. Cape Point

Cape Point

Well outside of town the trip to Cape Point is worth it. The south-western tip of Africa is a great place to visit not only because of the great view and feeling of being at the frayed end of the world but also because of the fact that it is located in a nature reserve where you can meet penguins, baboons and other local critters. At the tip of the Cape peninsula there is a lighthouse accessible with a short funicular journey.

So there you have it, Cape Town and its environs are the perfect areal for a family vacation. And if you plan on going there don’t tarry, remember that in the Southern Hemisphere the seasons are reversed so you’ll be arriving in full summer!

2. Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach at Cape town

Boulders beach is a treat. Not only can you swim in safe tidal pools and enjoy the perfect sand and majestic views of the ocean but you can also see dozens of penguins! Boulders beach is a s big an attraction for penguins as for people so you are bound to see several dozens of the little things running about.

3. The Waterfront

Cape Town Waterfront

The V&A Waterfront in Cape Town has dozens of activities for the young ones ranging from a kiddie train ride to the Planetarium to a playground in the park. Food and shops abound as well in the area so you can keep everybody fed, happy and get souvenirs at the same time. There is also a lion park nearby where people care for captive-born lions that cannot be reintroduced to the wild.

4. Langa Township

LangaTownship CapeTown

While a cultural trip to a apartheid-era township might not sound like you or your kids’ idea of fun you will be pleasantly surprised if you book this trip outside Cape Town. There are activities for the whole family, short cultural workshop for things like local music or food and a great insight into the lives of the people of South Africa in the past and today.

5. Go up Table Mountain

Table Mountain

If you and the tykes are hiking buffs than you should definitely hike up Table mountain, preferably with a local guide who can tell you more about the local wildlife and flora and can take you up the best paths. The hike really isn’t that hard and the view from the top is stunning, offering a glorious panorama over the city spread before you. Alternatively, if you’re not the hiking type there’s a cable car that will get you there with less effort on your part.

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