Top 5 Reasons for Traveling to French Polynesia

From the rugged volcanic hillsides to the incredible beach views, French Polynesia is blessed with some of the best attractions known to man. There are many places to go in French Polynesia ranging from French Polynesia island of Tahiti to Bora Bora. When it comes to the fun things to do in French Polynesia, there is plenty of stuff in store to offer. Here are some top five reasons for travelling to French Polynesia:



  • Friendly nature of Tahitians – Tahitians are warm and welcoming people therefore you can always expect to be greeted with a genuine smile. You do not have to be afraid when asking for directions.
French Polynesia

French Polynesia


  • Private Island – Taha’a Island can make your dreams come true by providing you with a lifetime opportunity to own your private island.
Romance Abounds

Romance Abounds


  • Romance Abounds – French Polynesia has been ranked as one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world as it delivers idyllic and romantic sceneries.
Hawaiki Nui Va'a

Hawaiki Nui Va’a


  • Hawaiki Nui Va’a – for a long time, Tahiti has been associated with canoe racing which is always captivating to watch or better yet take part in.
 Shark and Stingray excursion

Shark and Stingray excursion


  • Experience the Shark and Stingray excursion – this is perhaps one of the most popular excursions. You’ll get to explore the outer reef as the tour guide feeds the Reef Sharks as you snorkel.

Places to go in French Polynesia  

As mention above, there are a variety of places to go in French Polynesia and here are a few suggestions of the best spots to go visiting:

  • Tahiti – though not the most popular places in the planet, the island has plenty to offer both the local visitors and the international tourists.
  • Mo’orea – this is perhaps one of the top islands in French Polynesia. The area has some top attractions including: mountains, lush vegetation and a languid pace of life.
  • The Marquesas – visit here to have a glimpse of the escape destination for many artists, musicians and writers.

Things to do in French Polynesia

You can never fall short of activities to take part in while in French Polynesia. Here is a list of the things to do in French Polynesia:

  • Go sailing – once in Bora Bora, you can board the Ti’a Moana Cruise and go on a Bora Bora Cruise. The cruise lasts for about a week.
  • Visit the Maeva Marae Archaeological Site – the site has undergone transformation and you can take a jungle walk to the magnificent hilltop.
  • Take part in Shark feeding- feeding reef sharks is one of the most popular activities in French Polynesia.

Where to stay in French Polynesia

Hotels in French Polynesia are of international standards hence can cater for both the budget travellers and those taking on luxury trips. Here are a few suggestions relating to where to stay in French Polynesia:

  • Sofitel Moorea La Ora Beach resort
  • Maitai Lapita Village Huahine
  • Opoa Beach Hotel
  • Vahine Island Private Island Resort
  • Pukuee

Where to eat in French Polynesia

Here are some suggestions concerning where to eat in French Polynesia:

  • New Te Marara
  • Le K
  • Mauarii
  • Coco Beach
  • Bora Kaina Hut
  • Blue Banana

What to buy in French Polynesia

The range of souvenir available is astounding. If you want to bring something home, here are a few tips on what to buy in French Polynesia:

  • Tahitian Black Pearls
  • Pareus
  • Tiki Statues
  • Tifaifai Quilts
  • Monoi Oil and Soap

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