Why Should I Save Up for a Trip to Seychelles?

The question really is, who wouldn’t want to save for a trip to the Seychelles, an archipelago of 115 islands situated in the west Indian Ocean about a thousand miles east of Africa, north east of Madagascar and thought by many, to be amongst some of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Half the islands are uninhabited coral atolls and the other half are granite with thin stretches of beach. Located just south of the equator, the islands are warm all year round and sunrise and sunset occur at the same times all year round.

The heat and the beauty of the islands and beaches looking over the blue Indian Ocean, give one the feeling of being in Paradise.

Having decided then, that the Seychelles are certainly worth a visit, what better way to save than get an ISA for your trip. This easy way to save allows you maximum tax free interest, leaving more for you to spend in this Indian Ocean paradise.

The beaches and ocean conjure up images of pirates treasure with an “X” marked on a map of one of these uninhabited islands. Speaking of treasure, a local island tale, tells of when God had finished creating the world, he had a handful of Diamonds left over. He scattered these in the ocean East of Africa and thereby created the Seychelles.

Swimming is considered safe around the islands but it is advisable to wear rubber shoes as the coral can be sharp. Naked or topless bathing is not permitted. There are many artists on the island and so there are galleries as well but it is often possible to go to the artists home and pick your painting from there.

For those who like a gamble there are 3 casinos on the islands. There are also a lot of discos but these are mainly in Victoria, the capital.



The Islands

Mahe is the largest of the Islands and it is here where the capital and 90% of the population are. Often in the clouds, Morne Seychellois is 905m high and located in the center of the island.

Praslin is the second largest island and 15 minutes by plane from Mahe. This is a granite island like Mahe but has some species of animals that are only native to this island.

Silhouette, the third largest of the islands has no roads but has two dirt tracks running north to south. Access is by helicopter only. It has one guest lodge and day visits are strictly controlled.

La Dique is the forth largest island and third most populating. This island is especially known for its beauty and the local transport is Oxen.

One other island worth a mention is Bird Island. Half this island is a nature reserve and as the name implies, is home to thousands of birds. A privately owned island but 25 rooms are available for guests but be warned, this really is for those seeking peace as there are no radio’s or TV’s on the island.


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